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If you haven’t had the opportunity to talk with us in person about our trip, you might be missing out on some of the excitement we feel about where we are going and what we are doing. One of the (many) things we are excited about is the organization we will be working as a part of: All Nations. As you may know, their focus tends to rest on church planting through discipleship. There isn’t just one specific avenue though that this takes; as an organization, All Nations is clear that we’ve been given passions for a reason and that we are to use them for the Kingdom. To that end there are people that raise AIDs orphans as their own, people that teach music and art and other classes in schools, people that impart business skills to those that have none; the list of possibilities is limitless, really, and is why we are excited about technology training centers as all things can (and should!) be done in the context of Jesus’ mission.

I did want to highlight for you all one young lady we will likely be working quite a bit with. Her name is Bethany O’Connor and she does a lot of social work “stuff” within the townships of Cape Town. Our teams these past couple of summers have spent quite a bit of time working with her and it’s really life giving to see her heart for the widowed, orphaned, sick and broken. Her primary focus currently is a project called the Baby Safe which is a place where mothers and fathers can drop unwanted infants anonymously, insuring their care, rather than dumping them in trash bins or just on the streets.

Her most recent blog post is a good introduction to what she does, I think, and would be good for any of our readers to read to get a broader picture of what God is doing in Cape Town and South Africa.

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